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Anoralux searchlight

Anoralux searchlight
Anoralux searchlight
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Product Code : AL-AS
Product Description
The scope of application:   It is suitable for all kinds of high-altitude operations and wilderness, sea and other workplaces for all-round, multi-angle, long-distance inspection, tracking, search, rescue and operation, construction and other lighting needs.
Performance characteristics:
1. Spotlight effect is good, the illumination brightness is high, the illumination distance is up to 1200 meters, and the realization of the hot and cold can start in the instant light.
2. With 220V (or 110V) AC power, for a long time to work, the use of 12-24V car or ship power, the lamp is equipped with over-protection voltage, can effectively protect the battery due to over discharge
3. According to the work of the scene need to adjust the vertical and horizontal left
and right free rotation angle, 45 􀂃 upward elevation, 45 􀂃 down angle, about
360 􀂃 rotation can be achieved quickly, all-round, multi-angle lighting needs
4. Can be loaded into the car to the car, the ship moving lighting, can also be installed in the lighthouse,  and other mechanical and electrical equipment, fixed lighting, but also optional strong magnetic mounts fixed by magnetic adsorption, high strength alloy shell can withstand strong Impact, can withstand high pressure water cannon direct and violent waves attack.
5. Using a wireless controller can be moved within 30 meters to control the opening and closing of lamps and adjust the angle of the lamp.


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